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🎨This is the place where I post my artwork. 🎨

I try my hardest to post things here as often as I can


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I have way too many favorites here ;p

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Easter Basket
So since today is Easter I thought it would be nice to show you guys what I got for Easter so I got some candy, A 3DS Case, some Pokemon Cards, and a Bunnelby Plushie c: So yeah anyways I hope you all have Happy Splatastic Easter. Stay Fresh
I had a lot of fun today, if I could meet these people in real life....I would definitely be super happy, and honestly, there wouldn't be a single day I would trade if I could talk with you guys. You guys are all pretty much my light, my happiness, my reason to strive, to live, and stay here, with all of you. I am honestly beyond grateful that I got meet you guys and honestly...I wish we could all do this every day. Talking with each other, having fun, messing around, and all of that other stuff. But for right now. I just want to live in this moment of pure peace, happiness, laughter and overall, friendship and love. (This is honestly a big shout out list so I'm sorry if I couldn't include everyone but even if you are not mentioned you still are getting the same amount of love) Even if I may not know you personally and may not have even met at all in general, I'm happy to see that the people here are so kind, caring and understanding. To all of these special and wonderful people, I am beyond blessed that I met I said before you are all my reason to live, thank you all so much for everything.



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Ellie Godelia
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About Me: Hi I'm Ellie Godelia. I hope we can all get along. I like playing video games, watching anime, and listening to music. I'm also a huge fan of Pokemon, Hetalia, Vocaloid, Splatoon, and other stuff. I love making stories, art, and making big ideas. :3

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This is completely amazing! I am very impressed. You've really drawn Russia well, it also almost looks like officail art. And the backg...

Amazing! You have captured the beauty of this. You made it look like official artwork. Now that takes a lot of real skill. You obviousl...


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