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Name: Ellie Godelia Inkaria
Nickname: Ellie-chan, Little Ellie, Love
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Inktoling (Half Inkling, Half Octoling)
Tentacle Color: Pink and Purple
Default Ink Color: Magenta
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: Ellie is a sweet, kind, caring, loving, honest, gentle, generous, loyal, and understanding girl. She also tends to be a bit playful, cheeky, and a bit adventurous. She is known to be very innocent by her friends. Whenever someone is feeling down she'll help cheer them up. She is very supportive of her friends and will always be there for them. She tends to look strong and brave on the outside but she's actually very shy on the inside.
Friends: OmegaMario89, Violet Inkling, Inspector Heavy, Spyke
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Love Interest(s): Unknown
Family: Unknown
Likes: Friends, Adventures, Plushies, Anime, Sweets, Music, Stories
Dislikes: Evil characters, Fights, When someone messes with her friends
Occupation: Adventurer, Turf War fighter
Main Weapon of Choice:  Ink Brush
Bio: She lost her family when she was just a baby. Her dad was an Octoling and her mother was an Inkling. They both died in the Great Turf War Battle. She was taken in by Cap'n Cuttlefish. When she was 10, she realized that she had the power to control ink with her own hands. She was very shy and nervous when she first moved to Inkopolis. She was homeschooled by Cap'n Cuttlefish.
Outfits:  Magenta SQUID GIRL Tunic, School Girl Skirt, Octoling Boots 
Other: Her hair will make a heart shape when she sees her favorite pairing. She gets very aggressive when someone messes with her or her friends. She tends to blush very easily. She can be scared very easily.
Time was a strange thing in Ellie's mind. She always wondered why time was going so slowly with every single step she taked. She wondered if time would be the same if she was....gone. Would her friends even care about her if she vanished? 'Maybe not,' Ellie thought. She guessed that her friends would probably move on and forget about her as soon they heard the news. Ellie felt like her heart was covered in chains and shackles. Ellie wanted to avoid her friends but, she knew that she got herself into this so there was no way of getting out of it unless she thought of something fast. That's when a thought struck her. What if she was actually gone? If she was actually gone, would it actually decrease the chances of her fears becoming a reality? 'Maybe,' Ellie thought.

That's when an idea struck her. If she got to Inkopolis faster, she might be able to find a place to take refuge at and maybe her friends wouldn't find her. 'But where?' She thought. She would have to go somewhere where no Inkling has ever gone before. "I'm pretty sure that there's a place that no Inkling would even dare to go to," She said to herself. She wondered where she could go or if she even had a chance to go at all. All that mattered was that she had to get to Inkopolis and make a plan fast. Ellie then saw a building coming into view. "Inkopolis," She said to herself. She knew she was getting close which was a good thing. She knew that as soon as she got into Inkopolis she would have to find a way to escape from Inkopolis. She began to pick up the pace with her feet and didn't even bother to slow down. "I hope they aren't by the entrance," Ellie said as she continued to run towards the city.

A Few Moments Later

Ellie sighed in relief. Her friends weren't at the entrance of Inkopolis much to her delight, not only that but she finally made it to Inkopolis. Now all she had to do was to find a place where she could hide until night fell. There wasn't going to be any Splatfests this weekend so she wouldn't have to worry about any security guarding the corners of Inkopolis or the stages.

"Alright, now that I'm here, I should at least be able to find a pipe or maybe a secret passage way that could help lead me out of Inkopolis. But, where do I even start?" She said to herself. As she looked around the area, she noticed a hint of armor in the distance and she immediately knew who it was. "Crap, it's Omega," Ellie said to herself and it looked like he wasn't alone. Violet and Heavy were both standing by Omega's side. They all seemed to be waiting for someone and Ellie already knew who they were waiting for. 'They're waiting for me,' Ellie thought. Ellie had to move fast before they saw her. She didn't want any of her friends to find her. If anyone found her, it would all be over for her. Jut when all of hope seemed lost, she noticed a dark alley way which close by and she sighed in relief. 'Perfect,' She thought and she quickly ran towards the alley way and hid behind a dumpster.

"Hidin' from someone love?" A voice asked causing Ellie's eyes widen as she quickly jumped in shock and fear. She could've almost screamed if wasn't for the fact that Omega, Heavy, and Violet were kinda close by. She turned her head towards the sound and noticed it just Spyke, who was an old friend of hers. "Oh, it's just you Spyke," Ellie said as she sighed in relief. "You looked like you just seen a ghost," Spyke said. "No shrimp Spyke," Ellie said. Spyke's eyes widened, Ellie never said that to him unless she was very angry. "What's wrong, love?" Spyke asked. "Nothing Spyke," Ellie said in a ticked off voice. "C'mon love, I know you're lyin'. Tell me what's wrong," Spyke said and Ellie sighed in defeat. She knew Spyke wouldn't say anything to her friends or anyone for that matter, but that didn't mean she was going to take any chances. "Ok, ok, but you have to promise me that you won't say anything to my friends at all," Ellie said in a very serious tone. "Gotcha love," Spyke said and Ellie sat on a stool that he provided for her. "Ok, love, let it out," Spyke said and Ellie nodded.

Ellie then began to explain everything to him from the nightmares she's been having, to her fears, and to her current problem only excluding the part and fact about leaving Inkopolis. Spyke was silent for a few minutes which of course wasn't really surprising to Ellie since she hung out with him a lot. "Ah I see," Spyke said as Ellie nodded. "Yeah, so I'm trying to stay away from them until further notice," Ellie explained. "Y'know love, hiding' won't solve your problems," Spyke said and Ellie sighed. "I know....but I'm not ready to tell them yet," She said. "I know you aren't, but don't try to make it so hard for yourself, or else you're gonna get hurt," Spyke said as he patted her head. Ellie sighed, Spyke always knew how to cheer her up but she still wanted to avoid her friends and leave Inkopolis as soon as possible.

"So, what should I do?" Ellie asked. "Go hang out with your friends," Spyke said. This made Ellie frown on the inside. That was the one thing she did NOT want to do, but she knew that it was coming. "O-ok, I'll try," Ellie said and then realized there was one important thing she had to ask before she left. "Oh by the way, Spyke? Do you happen to know if there are any pipes or secret passage ways that lead straight out of Inkopolis?" Ellie asked. Spyke tilted his head in curiosity. "Why do you ask, love?" He asked and Ellie knew just what to say to avoid any suspicion. "I was just curious," Ellie said. Spyke placed a hand on his chin and thought for a moment. "If I remember correctly, there are a few secret passage ways in Mahi-Mahi Resort, Camp Triggerfish, Walleye Warehouse, and in Saltspray Rig. Although, I think there's a better chance of finding a secret passage way by sticking with Saltspray Rig," Spyke said. "Ok, thanks," Ellie said and she got left. "Saltspray Rig was where all the Super Sea Snails used to hang out," Spyke said but, Ellie didn't hear him since she was already gone.
Hiding Fears In The Inky Alley Ways Part 2
Ok so to prevent any confusion. This is not a hate story. This is basically something from a nightmare I had. Part 3 will be coming soon.
Ellie wasn't feeling like herself. For the last few days she felt like her life was a complete living hell. She could feel nothing but pain, sadness, despair, anger, agony, fear, and hatred. She felt so cold and numb on the inside.

She was beginning to have doubts of her friendship between OmegaMario89, Violet Inkling, and Inspector Heavy. She's been having dreams of Omega, Violet, and Heavy turning against her and no matter how hard to she tried to convince them that she was on their side, they saw her as a threat and an enemy and would splat her like a target. The worse part was they even said their friendship was fake and she was nothing but a pawn to them. She could feel their insults of hatred burn through her head like an overheated weapon. She was slowly becoming distant from them and she knew it. "I'm sorry," She said to herself and she fell on her knees and began to cry. She knew it was best if  she didn't talk to them. However, a piece of her heart told her that she should tell them the truth so that they would never forget about her, but she thought that would make her look pathetic and weak, so she said nothing. She knew that her time was going to end soon, so it would be best if she stayed quiet. She then began to eat less and less until she decided not eat anything at all. She began smile less and less until she could not smile anymore. Her laughs became more quieter and softer until she could not laugh anymore. She knew she was changing but she didn't care. She didn't care at all.

But her actions did not go unnoticed by her friends. Omega, Violet, and Heavy started to see their friend Ellie act strange. They felt like she was slowly changing into someone they didn't even know. She wouldn't eat her sweets, she wouldn't laugh at the funny videos they showed her, she wasn't talking as much as she used to, and her sweet, happy smile was gone. She looked like she just lost interest in everything she ever knew. "I'm telling you, she's not acting like herself," Heavy said. "We know, Heavy," Violet said. "Well, I wish I knew what was up with her," Omega said. "Do you think it was something we said to her?" Heavy asked. "No, I doubt it," Omega said. Just then, Violet felt a light bulb go off in her head. "I've got an idea!" Violet said. Omega and Heavy turned their heads towards her. "We'll ask her to come over to Inkopolis so we can have lunch, and then we'll ask her what's wrong," She said. "That's good a idea," Omega said. "Yeah I agree," Heavy said.

A Few Minutes Later

Ellie was sitting in her bed. She did not get any sleep last night because of the nightmare she had last night. She couldn't get the nightmare out of her head.
She literally woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep after that. She could still hear the words that made her heart break.

"You are nothing to us!" Omega shouted with hatred in his voice. "W-what? What are you talking about," Ellie said a bit shaken from the words that Omega just said. "You've been nothing but a nuisance to us!" Violet said with venom slipping in her tone. "B-but I was trying to help!" She said. "Help? You're nothing but a silly, stupid girl!" Heavy said. "B-but I-" "Ellie,  I'm really sorry to say this, but, you are no longer a friend to us!" Omega shouted and Ellie felt her body go cold and numb and everything faded to white with a loud cracking sound heard in the background.

End Of Flashback

"I still can't get over that," She said as she looked through the mirror. She hadn't eaten for days, her eyes looked dull and gray, and her hair was a huge disaster. "I think I should stay home and do noth-" Before she could finish her sentence her phone began to ring. "I better get that," She said and went towards the phone and picked it up and answered. "Hello?" She asked. "Hey, Ellie, it's Omega," Omega said through the phone. Ellie felt her whole entire face go pale. 'Oh God why now?!' She thought in horror. "H-hey O-omega," She said in a shaky voice. "I was wondering if you would like to come Inkopolis with me, Violet, and Heavy," He said. "W-what for?" She asked. "To have lunch with us," He said. Ellie felt her whole entire body go completely numb. She wanted to say no but she knew that if she said no, her friends would get even more suspicious of her and her behavior. "U-um s-sure," She said nervously. "Ok see you in 30 minutes," Omega said. "Y-yeah, s-see ya," She said and he hung up. "Oh great! Now I'm completely screwed. Why did I even say yes?!" She shouted to herself. "Now I'm gonna be stuck with this torture for the whole day!" She cried as held up her hands to her head. She looked up at the mirror. "Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to get ready anyways, I look like total shit," Ellie said and went to the bathroom. She closed the door and took off her clothes and went to take a bath. She almost had her head completely submerged under the water, but she didn't even care to notice. She felt darkness take over when her eyes began lull herself to asleep.

In Her Dream

Darkness. That was the only Ellie could see. She could also see memories of her friends, laughing with her, smiling with her, and hanging out with her. She couldn't help but feel some kind nolgastia go through her whole entire body. She wanted to smile and join in, but she couldn't. She knew she had to face her reality. She knew that she wasn't going to keep this up forever. She knew she had to leave her friends and join her family soon. She didn't want to say goodbye but she had to. She held the gun to her head. "Goodbye.....everyone, I love you all, please strive on.....without me," She said as tears began to stream down her face. As she placed her small delicate fingers on the cold trigger she could hear very faint voices calling out her name. But just as she soon as she was about to pull the trigger, she heard the voices again this time even stronger than before. That's when she knew that she had to end this quickly, but as soon she pulled the trigger, her vision went white with a loud bang being heard in the background.

Back To Reality

Ellie woke up and gasped and lifted her head out of the water, gasping for air. She took a few deep breathes before calming down. "I've gotta stop falling asleep like that," Ellie said to herself as she took a few more deep breathes until she completely regained herself. "How much time do I have left?" She asked herself. She looked at her watch to see that she spent half of her time in the tub. "Aw crap I've only got 15 minutes left to get ready!" She said as she got out of the tub. She then began brush her teeth and change into her clothes until she realized she was going too fast. "Oh what am I doing? I'm rushing for something I didn't even sign up for, that's what I'm doing," Ellie said in an irritated tone. She then looked at her watch and sighed. 'I could just try to make an excuse so that way I don't have to go,' She thought to herself as she looked in mirror. "Nah, that wouldn't work at all," She said as she looked up towards the ceiling. "Ah, screw it, the sooner I go, the sooner I can end this torture," She said as she did some final touches on her gear. When she was finished with everything she stood up and headed towards the door.
The Squidy Nightmares Part 1
This was based on a nightmare I actually had and surprisingly it made me get some kind of inspiration. Part 2 will be coming soon, but it may take a while.
Starring :iconinspectorheavy: :iconvioletinkling: and OmegaMario89

Ellie was sitting on a bench having some pocky. She called Inspector Heavy, Violet Inkling, and OmegaMario89 to meet up with up her in Inkopolis Plaza. She was listening to some music on her phone. Inspector Heavy was the first one to arrive. "Hey Ellie!" He called. Ellie looked up from her phone and saw Heavy and smiled at him. "Hey Heavy," She said with a sweet smile on her face, "May I sit by you?" He asked. "Sure," She said. Heavy smiled and sat by her. "What's that your eating?" He asked. Ellie looked at her pocky and smiled. "It's pocky, want some?" She asked. Heavy smiled and nodded. "Sure," He said and took a piece of pocky and ate it. "Mm, it's yummy," Heavy said and Ellie smiled. "I'm glad you like it," She said with a smile on her face. "While we wait for the others, shall we talk?" Heavy asked. Ellie smiled "Sure," She said.

A Few Minutes Later

Ellie and Heavy were laughing after saying some funny stuff to each other. "That actually happened?!" Ellie said laughing. "Yep and it was hilarious!" Heavy said also laughing. Ellie was smiling and laughing so much she didn't realize that her hand had touched Heavy's. Heavy looked down at his hand and blushed. Ellie looked down at her hands and giggled while making a cute smile. "Y'know Heavy?" Ellie said looking up towards the sky. "Yeah?" Heavy asked. "I love having moments like these with you," She said as she turned her head towards Heavy. "I love talking with you, Violet, and Omega. I feel like that every time we talk, I get closer to you guys and I feel like our friendship is growing stronger. There's nothing else I can say really, but, I'm very grateful to have friends like you. I want to make more memories with you," She said as she blushed with a smile on her face. This also made Heavy smile. "Aw, thanks Ellie. That's really sweet of you," He said. "Thank you," Ellie said and she leaned on Heavy's shoulder. This made Heavy blush even more. "Y-you're welcome, Ellie," Heavy said. "Do you think we'll be able to have more moments like this?" Ellie asked with a dreamy smile on her face. "I'm sure we will," Heavy said and Ellie smiled as she slowly placed her head on Heavy's lap. Just then, Violet arrived at Inkopolis. "Welp I'm here, but where are the others?" She asked to herself. Violet looked around and couldn't find the others. 'Maybe they're somewhere else,' Violet thought to herself. Violet began to walk around the plaza until she noticed a flash of green hair in the distance. 'That must be Heavy,' She thought but as she got closer she noticed a hint of pink and purple on Heavy's lap. 'Is that?' Violet walked towards the bench and saw Ellie's head on Heavy's lap. Heavy looked up and noticed Violet was standing there. "Oh hey Violet," Heavy said causing Ellie to turn her head towards Violet. "Hey Violet," Ellie said as she waved towards her. "What's going on?" Violet asked. "Me and Ellie were just talking," Heavy said. "About?" Violet said in a confused way. "Just stuff," Ellie said. "Like romantic stuff?" Violet said in a teasing tone. This made both Ellie's and Heavy's eyes widen. "W-what?!" Ellie exclaimed as she suddenly got off of Heavy's lap with a blush appearing on her face . "W-we weren't even talking about ANY of that stuff!" Heavy exclaimed with huge a crimson blush on his face. "Rrrriiiight," Violet said in a teasing tone. This made Ellie and Heavy look away from each other with a blush on their faces. "Hey guys," Omega said as he walked towards his friends. "O-oh hey Omega," Ellie said. "What did I miss?" Omega asked. "Nothing much," Violet said smiling. "Oh, ok well let's get ready for Turf Battles," Omega said as he walked towards the building. "W-wait for me Omega!" Ellie said as she ran towards Omega. While they weren't looking Violet leaned towards Heavy's ear. "Y'know, you and Ellie would make a cute pairing," Violet whispered. This made Heavy blush even more. "V-violet!!" Heavy cried in an embarrassed tone. Violet just smirked.
A Cute/Embarrassing Moment
Well :iconvioletinkling: I hope this satisfies your suspicions of me and my relationship for :iconinspectorheavy: I might make more though :3
Why? This Dummy here op247getsgrounded.deviantart.c… had DA account deactivated. Why? Because he makes stupid videos about making fun of my friends. I don't actually know when his account was deactivated but that doesn't matter, because now he's gone. And honestly, he got what he deserved.


This is completely amazing! I am very impressed. You've really drawn Russia well, it also almost looks like officail art. And the backg...

Sing a song by RireNe-RN

Amazing! You have captured the beauty of this. You made it look like official artwork. Now that takes a lot of real skill. You obviousl...


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